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Aims & Objectives of MADA

The most critical/chronic issue, with which the world is confronted, is the situation becomes graver due to involvement of the criminals in drug business especially the youth is directly hit by this curse and ultimately the social decline starts because it produces handicap manpower and thus the positive contribution towards the growth of society is stopped.

To coupe with this unpleasant situation, MADA was established in Pakistan in May 1995, with adaptation of the following aims and objectives:

1. To mobilize the youth against the drug abuse, further to aware the public/people through holding comprehensive seminars, symposiums, walks and course meetings.

2. To train the workers to meet the effected people and to convince them to come back to the real world to shoulder their due responsibilities.

3. To establish treatment & rehabilitation centers for the proper treatment of the addicted persons.

4. To create awareness against AIDS disease. 5. To work against pollution and to solve the social problems of the community.
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